Here is a more detailed description of all the commands.

Command Usage Description Examples [command] Your average help command
gb.quote gb.quote Get a random quote from
gb.goingghost gb.goingghost Screams "going ghost" in the voice channel that you are in
(has a 5% chance of becoming ghostly)
gb.wail gb.wail Gives you a nice ghostly wail
gb.fuitloop gb.fuitloop You're one crazed up fruitloop
gb.doppelganger gb.doppelganger [page:number/chapter:number] Read the doppelganger comic within discord (comic website: gb.doppelganger page:20
db.doppelganger chapter:1
gb.image gb.image Gives you a random Danny Phantom related image from google
gb.gif gb.gif Gives you a random Danny Phantom gif [search term] Search the Danny Phantom wiki Wes Weston
gb.wikiuser gb.wikiuser <username/user id> Search the Danny Phantom wiki gb.wikiuser duncte123
gb.wikiuser 34322457
gb.about gb.about Gives some information about the bot